Mixed Media Mimi- Another side to Mixed Metal Mimi

When Covid-19 hit in the spring of 2020 sales in my small business like many others came to a halt.

Instantly I experienced feelings of fear, sadness and uncertainty.

What was going on ? How serious was this ? How many would get sick ? How were we to protect ourselves ? How was I going to make my living ? All these questions...no answers. Nobody knew.

With so many unknowns and so much confusion I turned to volunteering and helping others to find comfort. I dusted off my old Janome sewing machine and started sewing along with a wonderful community to make masks, scrub caps and 'ear savers' for anyone who needed them.

Once my business started to flow again I headed back to my metal shop. But I wanted to hang unto that comfort that I felt in my 'studio space' so after my day working with metal in my workshop I would head up to my 'studio' space to explore fabric craft ideas and designs that had been floating around in my head for some time. I started working with other mediums such as fabric, twine, ribbons, embroidery threads, buttons... I would lose myself, calm my mind with the sound of that little needle speeding up and down through the fabric, the thread uncoiling through all the parts of the machine, the fluff, the bits of fabric on the floor. This was my first love after all. This was a familiar place, one where I started so long ago and now found again. From the day that my mom taught me how to sew and I recycled a sheet into a dress I was hooked ! ( Thanks mom ♥ )

So I  sewed and sewed until I created a mountain of rope bowls, lavender sachets, and embroidered fabric hearts. Now what ? What would I call this new collection? 

Steph my sister in law ( sister ♥ ) has always been my go to for name ideas and titles for my art show submissions, came up with 'Mixed Media Mimi'. 

A new collection was born.

I will be listing these pieces on my website shortly and local customers are always welcome to e-mail me at mixedmetalmimi@shaw.ca for an appointment to view and shop in my home studio.

MMM xo

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