About Mimi

Artist Mimi Roy

Vancouver Island artist, Mimi Roy, has always shared an affinity with the past. As a little girl, she loved transforming old clothes into new fashion. No timeworn discovery was safe from her vivid imagination, her needle, or her spool of thread.
Mimi has since traded in her sewing machine for a saw and torch, and these days she’s fashioning jewelry over jackets and accessories over apparel.

Mimi has a keen eye for turning up treasures; she can find copper in clutter, silver in salvage, and bits of brass in bygone boxes. Not only do these vintage plates, platters and serving trays speak to a different era, they also boast beautiful,
intricate patterns which Mimi transforms into stunning pieces of wearable art.

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories, key rings, and ornaments—the list is never ending. You can be sure, however, that each new creation evolves with careful attention and respect paid to the interesting history of the original piece. Mimi’s process of “old treasure to new trinket” is recycling at its finest.

Each discovery Mimi makes is different from the next. As a result, no two pieces of jewelry are alike. “There is so much history in these finds,” Mimi says, “and a lot of mystery hides in their imperfect and tarnished surfaces. And if someone brings me a treasured family heirloom to work with, there is often an entire story. I feel honored to help keep such special family memories alive.”

'Saving the planet one platter at a time' 

Mimi Roy